Bamford and a Series of Rolex Replica

For their latest release, Bamford Watch Department has joined forces with customizers and modifiers Feld & Volk on a series of new designs. The collection of watch face styles was created using a top-end carbon fiber, in turn combining ground-breaking techniques and visionary aesthetics.

In other upscale sports like sailing, tennis and equestrian events, prize Oyster Perpetual Fake Rolexes make top-drawer competitions that much more intense, like the venerable New York Yacht Club’s annual Regatta and Race Week in Newport, Rhode Island, where the Submariner Date is up for grabs.


I pictured Mike changing a thousand poop diapers over the past ten months. Did that leave a bigger deficit of adventure or elegance? I needed a big gun, which is how I ended up chatting with Jim Moore, the longtime creative director of this magazine.
Bamford and Feld & Volk’s first edition of replica watches includes five distinct designs, each of which have been framed around the replica Rolex Milgauss and Daytona, scheduled to hit retailers as well as BWD and Feld & Volk this month.

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