Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Watch, Known for Its High Resistance

The Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer is a famous watch very well known for its high water resistance and the automatic helium valve. The watch is definitely a symbol of elegance paired with great technology making it a perfect fit for men who need something sturdy but also men who appreciate great modern watches. The Aquaracer design makes this watch a perfect accessory for someone who does sports or simply somebody who needs a timepiece that would resist to a great amount of shock.

This is a well-made replica and you can easily see that if you look at how well done the small details are and how much the watch resembles the original overall. Another important aspect when manufacturing a good replica watch is the color of different elements on the watch. This particular watch is a good replica and it certainly has the right colors and the right tones on different elements it incorporates. Another particular thing about the model is the fact that it has an interesting strap that resembles a tire, making it a symbol of car races. The replica watch manages to have the same strap with all the elements like the brand logo and the writings on it, which is a very good addition and definitely makes it look more like the original.

However, although this replica is good, there are still differences that set it apart from the original. There are in total three differences between the two watches and the first one is the brand logo on the top. On the original watch the logo is clearly visible and very well defined, but on the replica watch it looks a bit different. The edges are not as well defined and the design inside is definitely not as clear.

The second difference we can notice is on the minute and hour hands; the hands are completely white on the original watch making a beautiful contrast with the black background. However, on the replica watch, the hands are half white and half black from the middle to where they connect. In the end, these differences could be pretty hard to spot by someone who is not a connoisseur.

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